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2023 Fall Boutique - Vendor Application


  1. Fill out this online form and submit

  2. You will be emailed whether you are accepted or not

  3. If you are accepted, we will email instructions on how to pay

  4. Once you receive the acceptance email with payment instructions, payment must be made within 48 hours to secure your vendor spot

TPT Number is required, and if your business is in Mesa, we also require a City of Mesa Business License number. If you are a food vendor, you will need to additionally provide an appropriate food vendor license. Learn more.

Are you an Eastmark Resident?

Each booth is 10' by 10' - you must provide your own tables, tents, etc. Each booth has a separate fee.

Booth request

Canopy must have weights, stakes are not allowed, per City of Mesa.

Will your booth have a canopy?

Upload 2 pictures of your merchandise that we can use for marketing. Optional for service based businesses.

Upload File
Upload File

**optional - this is to help us promote you

Check In/Check Out Information

***Boutique Planning Team will assign spots for Vendors. Map of Vendor spots will be available the day before event.***

*** Must check in with Boutique Planning Team before setup. Cannot setup earlier than 8:30 am ***

Check In

Check in and set up begins at 8:30 am in the morning of the event. Vendor must be set up by 9:30 am.

Check Out

Booth take down cannot begin before 2 pm and must be finished before 3 pm. Booth areas must be left clean.

Payment Agreement


Eastmark Resident Registration: $40

Other Vendor Registration: $50


After submitting the application, you will be emailed whether you are accepted as a vendor or not.

If your business is accepted, a link to electronic payment will be included in the email.

Payment must be made within 48 hours to secure your vendor spot.

Vendor Category Information


To provide the best possible experience for our customers, the Neighborhood Boutique Planning Team will allow only one vendor per company on a first come, first serve basis.  An exception will be made only if the direct sales vendors are partnering together with adjacent booths presenting unique inventory to customers in a coordinated fashion.*

*Coordination of this kind is the full responsibility of the vendors in question.

Select One
Does your direct sales organization have rules outlining one vendor per event?

Exhibition Space Agreement


Exhibitor agrees to pay the amounts set out in the application for use of vendor space. It is understood that the exhibit space provided to Exhibitor shall be one of many vendor spaces comprising the event. Exhibitors are required to stay open and operational throughout the event hours. Exhibitors packing or leaving early will forfeit booth rental fees and ability to participate in future events. 


Merchandise Allowed: We are dedicated to providing the consumer with quality merchandise and services. This is not a venue for disposing of unwanted merchandise. What constitutes inappropriate merchandise will be the sole discretion of the Neighborhood Boutique Planning Team. We will evaluate the admission of exhibitors with unique merchandise or services that we feel compliments the event. All applicants must provide a detailed description of their business, merchandise, and services they intend to sell or market at the event. 


Exclusivity: No guarantee of exclusivity is made or implied. However, we will do our best to provide a unique blend of products and services for the betterment of the event. Booth Size: 10' x 10' booth boundaries will be monitored. Exhibitors are not allowed to place merchandise beyond specific boundaries. Walkways must remain clear and booths must be viewable from the walkways. 


Booth Restrictions: Exhibitors are not allowed under any circumstances to sublease or transfer their space. The exhibitor signing the contract is expected to attend the event. If an unknown person checks-in on the event date, they will not be allowed to exhibit. Booth rental fees will not be refunded. Contracted booth space is for contracted Exhibitor only. 


Refunds and Cancellation: There are NO REFUNDS on vendor booth fees. In the event that the Exhibitor is unable to attend the event, Exhibitor shall notify the Neighborhood Boutique Planning Team by email at


Exhibitor Sales & Sales Tax: Exhibitors are responsible for the sales of their merchandise. It is strongly recommended that vendors offer a credit card payment option, as many buyers do not carry a lot of cash. Accepting credit cards, checks and other payment options are the responsibility of the vendor. 


Weather: There are no refunds for inclement weather. We will hold the event rain or shine. In the event the Boutique requires evacuation or cancellation due to severe weather in the area, the event may be rescheduled. The rescheduled date is to be set by the Neighborhood Boutique Planning Team and no refunds will be given. If the weather cooperates for more than 50% of the scheduled hours, the event will not likely be rescheduled. Secure your tent and objects within your tent from the wind. 


Set Up: Be prepared to transport your items by foot to your booth location. No parking or driving on grass.  If you have friends or family helping you, they must also abide by the set up regulations. It is in every exhibitor's best interest to leave as many close by parking spots open as possible for potential customers. Please contact us if there is a handicap that makes it impossible for you to follow any of these guidelines. Exhibitors must be off the event grounds one hour after event ends. Any merchandise "abandoned" will also be removed or discarded. The Neighborhood Boutique Planning Team has the right to make changes to these procedures as required in order to ensure a safe and orderly event. Please be gracious to your fellow vendors. 


Inappropriate/Unsafe Behavior: Exhibitors behaving in an obscene or inappropriate manner as determined by The Neighborhood Boutique Planning Team will be asked to leave the event immediately and will forfeit booth fees. Smoking by exhibitors is not permitted in the booths or in the event area. Exhibitors must leave the area to smoke. 


Hold Harmless: Vendors are required to complete additional paperwork as requested by DMB, Eastmark Community Life, or City of Mesa as a requirement of participation. Vendors agree to return requested paperwork as required within timelines outlined. 

Hold Harmless Agreement

Vendors are required to complete the Hold Harmless paperwork as requested by DMB, Eastmark Community Life. Download, print and sign the Hold Harmless Agreement, and upload the signed copy below.

Upload the signed Hold Harmless agreement below.

Upload File
Upload File

Submit Application

  • Submit application by clicking the button below

  • You will be emailed whether you are accepted or not

  • If you are accepted, we will email instructions on how to pay

  • Once you receive the acceptance email with payment instructions, payment must be made within 48 hours to secure your vendor spot

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