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The questions listed below are the most frequently asked questions about Vendor Applications and Signups. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact us.


When Is The Neighborhood Boutique Held?


The Neighborhood Boutique at Eastmark is held twice each year. The Spring boutique is in March/April and the Winter boutique is in November. Dates change each year depending on other events happening in the Great Park, holidays and weather predictions.

How Many Attendees Come To This Boutique?


The Neighborhood Boutique might have started small, but it now boasts over 300 attendees for each event. 

How Can I Be A Vendor?


Vendor applications are open 6-8 weeks before each boutique. To be a vendor:

  • Fill out the online Vendor Application (only available 6-8 weeks before the event)

We will send you an email that your vendor application has been reviewed and let you know if you will be participating at the event, and how to pay for your spot.

How Can I Find Out When Vendor Applications Open?


Sign up for our newsletter here or follow us on Facebook here.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Vendors?


Yes. There is a maximum of 75 vendors, with only 3 of a similar trade. Service-based vendors are limited to 15% of spots. 


How Are Vendors Selected/Approved? Do Eastmark Residents Get Preference For Vendor Spots?

Vendors are approved on a first-come-first-serve basis. Eastmark residents get to register earlier than everyone else, thus they have the first chance to fill up the limited vendor spots. Payment within 48 hours after vendor approval is required to hold the spot, otherwise it is forfeit.

In addition, vendors who participated in the Neighborhood Boutique immediately preceeding this event get to register before everyone else, Eastmark resident or not.

Do I Need To Fill Out A New Vendor Application If I Participated In The Past?


Yes. Each boutique requires a new vendor application with a hold harmless agreement that is dated for the specific event.

Do I Need A City of Mesa Business License To Participate?

If your business is in Mesa, you need a City of Mesa Business License and a TPT number to participate. If your business is located outside of Mesa and participating in the boutique, you can skip the City of Mesa Business License, but you do need a TPT number. 

More information about City of Mesa Business Licensing can be found here.

What is a TPT Number And Why Do I Need One?


A TPT number is an Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax number. Because the boutique happens in a City of Mesa park, permits from the City of Mesa are required for the event, vendors are required to be licensed to do business in the city, and we are required to send a list of vendors 2 weeks prior to the event so the City of Mesa can verify all licenses. Thus, a TPT number IS required.  


Some service based businesses are not required to have a TPT number to conduct business in Arizona. If this describes your business, use your Employer Identification Number (EIN) instead.

How Do I Get A TPT Number?


A business can apply for a TPT number here.


I Am A Service Based Business And Don't Have A TPT Number. What Should I Do?


Some service based businesses are not required to have a TPT number to conduct business in Arizona. If this describes your business, use your Employer Identification Number (EIN) instead.

I Sell Food. Do I Still Need A TPT Number?


Yes. In addition, if the food is prepared in your home kitchen, you will also need an additional certification: AZ Cottage Food License.

How Do I Get An AZ Cottage Food License?


To prepare food products in a kitchen of a private home for commercial purposes, an Arizona resident is required by ARS 36-136(H)(4)(g) to register for the Arizona Cottage Food Program. More information and step-by-step instructions can be found at the Arizona Department of Health Services website here.

Is A Food Handler Certification The Same As An AZ Cottage Food License?


No. A Food Handler Certification is only part of the process to get an AZ Cottage Food License. Find out more information about the AZ Cottage Food License here.

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